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September 5, 2021

Do you need a will in Texas?

Do I Need A Will in Texas?

If deciding whether you need to hire TX estate planners near me, remember this–estate planning is a serious business. One wrong word or one missed signature will change a will or a trust’s whole intention. Apart from this, the three factors mentioned below should be significant enough to motivate you to go out and locate and hire a professional estate planning attorney to draft your planning documents

Colleyville TX estate planners near me

Colleyville TX estate planners near me

State Laws Rule Estate Plans, So Estate Attorneys Are Essential

State laws are clear as to what can and can not be in the will trust or medical or financial power of attorney. Who can and can not act as a personal representative, a health care surrogate, a trustee, or an attorney? Who can and can not be a witness of an attorney’s will, trust, or medical or financial power and what formalities are to be met before signing an attorney’s will, trust, or medical or financial power?

In Florida, for example, a personal representative must be either related to you by blood or marriage or a state resident. Again and again, we see wills of Florida residents designating an out-of-state friend or attorney as the personal representative. This non-resident, non-relative can’t serve, and will not be allowed to serve in Florida, in reality. Speaking with a professional estate planning attorney will help you avoid this common and expensive mistake.

Buyer Must Beware

Of course, the old Latin expression, “Caveat Emptor,” or “Buyer Beware,” applies to estate planning. If you think you’ll save a few bucks using the forms found on the internet or in a do-it-yourself book to prepare your planning documents for your estate. Then your relatives will be in for a rude awakening when they hear that any or all of your trust or medical or financial power of attorney is not legally valid or will not work as planned. Your loved ones will be spending thousands of dollars consulting with a professional estate planning attorney correcting your mistakes.

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Top-Rated Estate Planning Attorney

TX Estate Planners Near Me Can Help Sort Out Difficult Family or Financial Situations

Take a look at your life and review your current assets. See if you fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Your children are minors.
  • Have no children
  • You have substantial assets in 401(k)s or IRAs
  • Were recently divorced
  • Currently have a taxable estate for federal or state estate tax purposes

If one or more of these situations applies to you, then you will need an expert estate planning lawyer’s consultation and guidance to build the planning documents for your estate. Therefore, the most substantial chunk of your assets will be collected by a probate agent, and the state’s revenue department or the IRS.

A lawyer in the field of estate planning is a type of lawyer who knows how to advise clients on keeping their finances ready for the possibility of mental disability and eventual death. They have years of mentoring, ongoing legal matters education, and experience

What A TX Estate Planner Near Me Does

Estate planning doesn’t begin and end with the last will. An attorney working in this profession will also prepare living trusts, develop a plan to reduce or prevent estate taxes and work to ensure that after your death, the property and properties of your life remain secure from the creditors of your heirs. They will plan the Attorney’s Power and Health Care Directives to appoint someone to take care of your finances should you ever become mentally disabled. If you need someone else to look after your finances, they will help you avoid problems like guardianship or conservatorship.

Qualities To Look For In Your Estate Planning Lawyer

A general practitioner may not have all the skills and the expertise to help you with your unique family and financial situation. Seek an expert in estate planning who:

  • Devotes their practice to estate planning
  • It makes you feel comfortable sharing intimate details of your life and concerns. So your estate plan doesn’t fall short of your expectations and needs.
  • It is well-experienced and up-to-date with the laws of your state.

In Florida, for example, a personal representative must be either related to you by blood or by marriage. Otherwise, they have to be a resident of the state. But residents of Florida will also appoint an out-of-state friend or attorney as their representative. This person can not participate and will not be allowed to serve. Consulting with a professional Colleyville TX estate planners near me will help you avoid this easy and expensive mistake.

Where To Look For An Estate Planning Attorney

There are several ways to find an estate planning attorney that you can deal with professionally and with confidence. Start with someone who already understands you, like your accountant or your financial adviser. Another avenue of reliable references is your local or state bar association. You should ask your local probate court, as well as contact other lawyers.

Before committing, it may be possible to interview a few briefly by phone to help determine your ability to communicate effectively with them.

Colleyville TX estate planners near me

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